Sunday, May 28, 2017

Book Review: At His Mercy by Sophia Desmond

At His Mercy
Author: Sophia Desmond
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 201 Pages
Genre: Dark Romance
Published: March 21, 2017

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Overall Rating: 3/5

eARC provided in exchange for review

Plot Summary:

With my hot mess of an ex-wife ruining my reputation in the papers, I need to clean up my act.

Lucky me that this gorgeous little English professor has waltzed into my life.

She’s sassy. She’s sexy. And she’s smart as hell.

Even better for me… She needs my help to save my career.

There’s only one problem. She’s my step sister.

I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I’m a respected scholar. I don’t take sh*t from anyone.

So why do I melt when bad boy billionaire Blaine Stone pulls me close?

He’s always been a jerk. Ever since we were kids. I want to keep things professional. But I can’t resist him. I’m…


This is a HOT bad boy billionaire dark romance with an ex-stepbrother. Guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger!

My thoughts:

While I enjoyed the book, I found the title to be a bit misleading - yes, the female lead (Morgan) has to rely on the male lead (Blaine) for a pretty big favor, but it wasn't really a situation where she was "at his mercy." I also don't really think it was a "dark" romance. It featured a billionaire, a touch of scandal, and some pretty steamy sex scenes, but it certainly wasn't dark. It was more of a pseudo taboo love story, with an intelligent, feisty female lead and a brash, but sensitive alpha male lead. So decent story overall - likable (if not slightly one-dimensional) characters and enough intrigue and miscommunication to make you want to see how the plot plays out.


Plot: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Writing Style: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

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