Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blog Tour and Book Review: Falling for the #JerkNextDoor by Theda Monroe

Falling for the #JerkNextDoor

by Theda Monroe 
Publication Date: April 27, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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A sex-starved journalist finds herself in the love jail. Will she cop a plea? Zelda Sullivan is a successful news journalist living with PTSD. The disorder causes her to have agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder, which makes her hide herself away from the world. Santiago Ryan recently moved to Zelda’s small town from Ireland to work as a cop. He’s Zelda’s neighbor, and someone she loathes because he turns her life into a noisy nightmare with his antics next door. Unknown to Santiago, Zelda tweets about him using the hashtag #JerkNextDoor. When Zelda’s boss assigns her a big story that involves working with the local police department, it’s a career offer that Zelda can’t turn down, even if that means being forced to work outside of her safety zone. In time Zelda discovers there’s a lot more to the tall, dark, and handsome Santiago than meets the eye. He knows how to handle her curves and helps bring out a long-suppressed boldness in her.

My thoughts: 

This was another one of those rare books where I liked the male lead better than the female. I felt bad for Zelda and her PTSD induced agoraphobia, but I like Santiago a lot more. The dirty-talking, tatted up, recovering manwhore, Spanish-Irish, police officer who spoke with an Irish brogue (yum) fell for her so fast and so hard after being devastated and betrayed in his previous relationship. From the very beginning he was so kind and sweet to Zelda and oh so sexy. He was always seeking to make things easier for her and being conscientious of her condition and he was so open and honest about his feelings, while she was closed off and so abrupt with him. At some point in the book, I was literally saying "You can do better!" but then again, he loved her so I wanted HIM to get his HEA. Some of the dialogue was really awkward, the ending was sort of rushed and abrupt and I really had a difficult time with Zelda's decision making process once she was faced with a dilemma, but I suppose it all worked out for the best. I give Falling for the #JerkNextDoor 2.75 out of 5 wine glasses...

About Theda Monroe

Theda Monroe is the pen name of two writers who love romance. Each brings their own fresh and fun take to the romance genre.

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