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Blog Tour and Review - Even Cowbyoys Get the Blues by Amie Stuart


Today is the blog tour for Even Cowboys Get the Blues by Amie Stuart. Check out today’s post and grab your copy today!


About Even Cowboys Get the Blues:

Tim Caldwell doesn’t do relationships… Not after his wife walked out on him and their daughter ten years before. He’s got a well earned reputation as a Casanova Cowboy who’s never met a woman he couldn’t talk into bed…until Toni duBois. Disinterest isn’t something he’s is used to. Neither is playing by someone else’s rules. 

Toni duBois doesn’t do forever… After fifteen years away, Toni’s headed home to Louisiana in search of the answer she needs and the redemption she craves. She doesn’t plan on hanging around in Bluebonnet, Texas, any longer that she has to and she isn’t interested in a steamy, sexy entanglement. Regardless of how good looking said entanglement might be. 

Rene Caldwell doesn’t do step-moms… Unfortunately for both them, Tim’s teenage daughter, Rene has opinions. Lots of them. And she’s feeling a certain kind of way about Toni—mostly pissed. So when she pulls out all the stops to keep Toni from getting her hooks into Tim and Toni’s dark past is revealed, no one is safe from the fallout.

My thoughts: 

(I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review)

Even Cowboys Get the Blues was my first Amie Stuart book and is the fifth in her Bluebonnet Texas series. It is the unique and gripping story of a father (Tim) and his daughter (Rene) dealing with the far-reaching pain and grief of abandonment, a woman (Toni) weighted by the heavy consequences of rape and familial betrayal, and how they can all play a role in the healing of each other. 

I did find the novel to be a bit clunky in its rhythm, largely due to the treatment of the 3 person POV. I do think that it was a good tactic to portray all 3 characters in depth, but reading was a bit awkward at times as you shifted from the first person POV of Rene and Toni to the third person rendering of Tim. I also found the pacing to a bit slow until about the 75% mark, at which point I simply could not put the book down. There was a lot of build up that in the end was worth it, but I found myself asking at several points, "when is the story going to go somewhere?" 

I really really enjoyed the story and loved the characters. In fact, based solely off of how adeptly Amie introduces and fleshes out her characters, I might go back and read the first four novels in the series. She has a real knack for conveying the complexities of people - particularly those that have dealt with true tragedy and hardship. I also think this was a brave and refreshing attempt to shed light on the depth and scope of the fallout of rape, as well as the intricacies and issues surrounding adoption. It really was an eye-opening and thought-provoking book - making vastly unique in the world of romance. I give Even Cowboys Get the Blues 3.5 out of 5 wine glasses. 

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About Amie Stuart:

Amie Stuart is the last of a dying breed: a Native Texan. She writes sexy, emotional contemporary romances set in small towns. In the past, she’s worked as a receptionist, a daycare office manager, delivered pizzas, and was even a hairdresser for five years–all fodder for the writing gig. That and all those Barbara Cartland romances she cut her teeth on. None of those careers can compare to her favorite job: writer. She’s a storyteller through and through, even when she’s keeping tabs on her almost-grown sons and many pets, or organizing promo and planning trips for her day job as a personal assistant. She smokes, she drinks, she writes–sometimes at the same time. 

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