Monday, January 23, 2017

Review: Ego Maniac by Vi Keeland

Can we just take a moment to ogle the drop dead gorgeous model on the cover of Ego Maniac? Now, wrap your pretty little minds over the fact that the contents of the book are just as glorious as the scrumptiousness on the cover! Oh MY LIFE! I just finished this book and I feel so full of happy. It was my first Vi Keeland book but it most definitely will not be my last! 5 ⭐️ FO SHO.

From the teasers and synopsis, I expected this to be a lot more angsty than it was and I'm happy for that (I'm not a huge fan of angst). One of my pet peeves in romance (and novels in general), is when characters don't speak their minds and emotions, which inevitably leads to misunderstandings and unnecessarily hurt feelings (the biggest source of angst), but there was very little of that in the story. I was very happy that the dirty talking (yet very sweet), alpha male, divorce attorney Drew was refreshingly open and honest about his thoughts and feelings, as was the feisty, relatable, and optimistic couple's counselor Emerie. I loved the way their individuals characters were developed, as well as how their relationship grew and blossomed. Their banter was fantastic - witty and realistic.

Drew might very well be one of my favorite male characters to date - he was the perfect mix of intelligence, charm, testosterone, and vulnerability - and I loved him almost immediately. The use of flashbacks to reveal his backstory was genius and really added depth to the character and story as a whole. I enjoyed Emerie as well, but honestly to me Drew was the real star of this book (which is fitting considering the title).

This is one of those rare books that despite having a satisfactory ending, I still wanted it to go on and on. I'd gladly read about Drew and Emerie in countless sequels if available. As my first Vi Keeland book, Ego Maniac definitely whet my appetite for everything else this talented author has to offer.

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